HR-Job Portal by Salesforce

Problem Statement

Client using a traditional recruitment process but recruiters were struggling to manage and process the applications due to manual and repeatable tasks. The client wanted an automated recruitment system integrated with their existing website and provide a seamless experience for both candidates and the recruitment team with better-managed job listings, applications, and candidate information.

  • Manual recruitment process.
  • Limited reach to existing network of contacts only.
  • Inefficient communication between candidates and recruiters.
  • Incomplete job applications.
  • Overall inefficient recruitment process.

Solution Overview

As a salesforce consultant, we leveraged our expertise of Salesforce Community and Experience Cloud to deliver a Job portal to facilitate the recruitment process.

  • Customization of the Salesforce Experience Cloud to match the customer branding & UI Requirements.
  • Configuration of Community Cloud to create a user-friendly easy to navigate HR/Job Portal.
  • Integration with the client’s website for a seamless candidate experience.
  • Creation of job listings with descriptions, requirements, and application deadlines on the HR/Job Portal and integration with the website.
  • HR/Job Portal enabled candidates to apply directly from the website with their details, resumes, cover letters, and other required documents.
  • Enabled recruiters to review job applications, schedule interviews, and prepare to onboard.

Benefits Delivered

Overall, the HR/Job Portal solution provided client an automated recruitment system with increased reach, reduced recruitment process time and efforts.

  • Improved candidate experience.
  • Smooth job application tracking.
  • Leveraged the existing website for the recruitment process.
  • Efficient management of job applications.