Education Revolution: Azure Excellence

Problem Statement:

Customer is one of the largest K12 education board of India and was operating outdated on-premises hardware. Customer was facing challenges in maintaining on-prem data center with challenges of DR, data backup requirements due to legal and compliance obligations.

Challenges faced by customer:

  • Outdated hardware used to run application
  • Higher cost of hardware upgrade
  • No option to minimize IT infra spend
  • Higher downtime in case of hardware failure
  • On-prem DC was a blocker for modernizing the application

Solution Overview:

Migration Requirements which were considered:
  • Enterprise level landing zone
  • Centralized identity and access management
  • Centralized network security for layer 4 and layer 7 network
  • Governance and Compliance to be in-place for Azure resources
  • Cost optimization wherever possible
  • Simple lift and shift strategy to Azure
  • Use automation to minimize admin overhead

Benefits delivered post migration:

  • Reduced cost
  • Auto Scalable Infra
  • Achieved 99.99% availability
  • Active DR with very low RTO and RPO
  • Highly Secured & Compliant
  • Advanced Analytics and Insights
  • Reduced Time to Market