Unmetered Energy

Main Highlights:

The organization was involved in providing solar energy solutions to their customers by just taking their contact information by providing a form to fill  their daily electricity consumption and their budget for it.


The Company was involved in promoting green energy solutions to its customers. They were doing so by providing accurate solar energy solutions to their customers by getting their consumption details and their estimated budget. By analyzing all these they will recommend to their customers, which solar energy plan is appropriate for their home/industry according to their consumption and budget and how much it will cost them, what other services including maintenance and warranty they will provide to their customers. 

The Challenge:

The main challenge for clients was that they were not able to reach their customers easily to provide an appropriate solar solution as per the client’s needs. And on the other hand, customers were also confused that which solar energy plan they should go for and how much it will cost them.

The Benefits:

The implementation plan is to provide a form to customers where they can fill in all their requirements like consumption, budget, etc. It helped both the customer and company to come on a common platform, where they both can assess the need and the company will provide them the accurate solutions. The company will also schedule an in-person meeting, if asked by a customer, to understand the customers needs more precisely. 

What Made It Happen:

As a Bitrix24 Partner, we provided our expertise in Bitrix Implementation to help the organization in making their approach to the customers more effective way. We customized a PHP form where we custom-coded some formulas to calculate the requirements/needs of customers related to solar panels. We also coded a meeting scheduler for the customers so that whenever they need the in-person assistance of the company, they can easily reach out to them.