Ticketing System

Main Highlights:

To organize a process that when a customer contacts you through various mediums like WhatsApp, SMS, E-mail, or through submitting a form, to get their issues addressed.


To craft a system in such a way that when a customer tries to communicate with the organization about any issue they are facing, the issue should be assigned to the concerned department/person and to make sure that it(issue) moves through the required stages before being resolved. Also, if the customer isn’t satisfied with the solution provided, again the same process should be initiated without much involvement from customer. 

The Challenge:

The main challenge for the organization and for the customers these days is whom they should approach for an issue and to which person/department it should be assigned. The lack of such a system makes clients clueless, and it affects or raises questions about company customer support service.

The Benefits:

Fabricating a plan to implement a solution for both the customer and the company by our Bitrix24 Experts in a way that when a customer approaches the company via any medium like WhatsApp – a ticket for the issue is raised to the concerned department and as the ticket/issue goes through various stages of getting resolved, customers also will be notified at the same time regarding the status of their issue and at the end they will be asked to give their feedback for the solution provided to them, if not satisfied, the same process will be repeated again.

What Made It Happen:

As a Bitrix24 Partner, we provided our expertise in implementing a plan to design a ticketing system by use of various automation, to send notifications, move stages from one place to another, writing some codes to send autoreply or status of tickets to customers, to assign a task to concerned person/department. It helped the organization to have smooth customer service and also helped customers to easily approach the organization through readily available mediums like WhatsApp, SMS, and E-mail.