HubSpot CRM: Connectivity & Automation

Problem Statement

A leading network provider specializing in SIM and eSIM services, embarked on a transformative journey to elevate customer connectivity and streamline internal operations. Recognizing the need for seamless interaction between company employees and clients. With a specific focus on billing, top-up, and roaming services, Network provider sought to implement HubSpot CRM. The focus extended beyond customer-facing workflows, incorporating task and project management to enhance collaboration.

  • Manual Lead Tracking for SIM/eSIM Services: Faced challenges in manually tracking leads for SIM and eSIM services, leading to delays in customer onboarding. The absence of an automated system hindered their ability to prioritize and efficiently manage leads in the highly competitive telecom industry.
  • Disconnected Marketing Efforts for eSIM Adoption: There was a need for centralized marketing analytics to align eSIM campaigns with sales efforts.
  • Ineffective Sales Communication for eSIM Activation: The sales team lacked a unified platform for communication during the eSIM activation process, resulting in delays and potential customer dissatisfaction. They needed a solution to enhance communication and collaboration among the sales and support teams specifically for eSIM activations.
  • Manual Billing Notifications: Faced challenges in manually notifying customers about billing cycles, potentially leading to missed payments and service disruptions. The lack of automated billing notifications hindered the efficiency of the billing process.
  • Top-Up Process Inefficiencies: The manual handling of top-up requests resulted in delays and potential service interruptions for customers.
  • Roaming Service Complexity: Managing and notifying customers about roaming services proved to be complex and prone to errors with existing manual processes. An automated solution was needed to simplify and optimize the roaming service workflow.
  • Task Management Inefficiencies: The manual handling of tasks and projects resulted in inefficiencies, potentially leading to missed deadlines and lack of visibility into project progress.

Solution Overview

Partnered with Devops teams, regarding integration with HubSpot to implement their CRM platform, addressing the unique challenges related to SIM and eSIM services:

  • Automated Lead Tracking for SIM/eSIM Services: Implemented HubSpot CRM to automate lead tracking for SIM and eSIM services, ensuring a centralized and accurate view of leads throughout the sales funnel. Utilized custom fields and workflows specific to SIM and eSIM leads.
  • Centralized Marketing Analytics for eSIM Adoption: Integrated marketing channels with HubSpot CRM to centralize campaign data, focusing on eSIM adoption. HubSpot’s analytics tools were utilized to track and measure the impact of eSIM marketing efforts on lead generation and conversion.
  • Unified Sales and Support Communication for eSIM Activations: Implemented HubSpot CRM’s communication features to centralize communication during the eSIM activation process. Shared inboxes and real-time notifications facilitated collaboration between the sales and support teams, ensuring smooth eSIM activations.
  • Automated Billing Notifications Workflow: Leverage the features of HubSpot to implement their CRM platform, with a specific focus on workflow automation for billing, top-up, and roaming services: Configured 500+ comprehensive workflow automation in HubSpot CRM to automatically send billing notifications to customers at specific intervals. Customized email templates were designed for various billing scenarios, ensuring personalized and timely communication.
  • Efficient Top-Up Process Automation: Implemented workflow automation for the top-up process, allowing seamless handling of customer requests. Custom workflows were set up to prioritize and process top-up requests efficiently, reducing turnaround time.
  • Streamlined Roaming Service Workflow: Designed and implemented workflow automation for roaming services to simplify the activation and deactivation processes. Automated notifications were set up to inform customers about roaming options, charges, and usage.
  • Integration with Billing Systems: Integrated HubSpot CRM with Network provider’s billing systems to ensure real-time data synchronization. This integration enhanced the accuracy of billing information and improved the overall billing process.
  • Integrated Task, Project Management and Chat bot: Utilized HubSpot CRM’s task and project management features to create a centralized platform for employees to collaborate on client-related tasks and projects. Design of chat bot for effective communication with client.
  • Automated Internal Communication Workflows: Implemented automated workflows to facilitate internal communication between employees and clients. Customized email notifications were set up to keep both internal teams and clients informed about project milestones, updates, and upcoming tasks.
  • Real-time Project Progress Tracking: Leveraged HubSpot CRM’s reporting and analytics tools to provide real-time insights into project progress. Custom dashboards were created to offer a visual representation of ongoing projects, task statuses, and upcoming deadlines.

Benefits Delivered

  • Accelerated eSIM Activation Process: HubSpot CRM’s automation streamlined the eSIM activation process, reducing delays and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Zabbix Agents: Tiny helpers on each computer, telling Zabbix what’s happening.
  • Data-Driven eSIM Marketing Strategies:Centralized marketing analytics for eSIM adoption provided actionable insights. Shared inboxes and notifications reduced response times and enhanced the overall customer support experience.
  • Timely Billing Notifications:HubSpot CRM’s automated workflows ensured timely billing notifications, reducing the risk of missed payments and service disruptions. Customers received personalized emails regarding upcoming billing cycles, due dates, and payment confirmations.
  • Accelerated Top-Up Process: The automated top-up workflows streamlined the processing of customer requests, reducing delays and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  • Simplified Roaming Services: Automated workflows for roaming services simplified activation and deactivation processes for customers. Customized notifications provided customers with clear information about roaming options, charges, and usage, enhancing transparency.
  • Enhanced Billing Accuracy: Integration with billing systems improved the accuracy of billing information by ensuring real-time synchronization with HubSpot CRM.
  • Increased Customer Engagement:Automated workflows facilitated consistent and personalized communication with customers, increasing engagement and fostering a positive customer experience.
  • Unified Client Interaction: Task and project management workflows streamlined internal collaboration among employees. Team members had a centralized location to track tasks, communicate project updates, and collaborate seamlessly.
  • Enhanced Task Visibility: Real-time reporting and dashboards provided enhanced visibility into task statuses and project progress. Employees could prioritize tasks more effectively, reducing the likelihood of missed deadlines.