Email Automation


Client using a traditional recruitment process but recruiters were struggling to manage and process the applications due to manual and repeatable tasks. The client wanted an automated recruitment system integrated with their existing website and provide a seamless experience for both candidates and the recruitment team with better-managed job listings, applications, and candidate information.

The Challenge:

  • A lot of time and effort was required to keep following up with potential leads/prospects.
  • Inefficient Lead nurturing due to repeated manual tasks.
  • Breakdown in Lead nurturing process due to unmanaged lead follow-ups.

The Benefits:

  • Significant improvement in the lead nurturing process.
  • Improve engagement with potential leads/prospects.
  • Better lead engagement resulting higher conversion rates and shorter sales cycles. 


As Salesforce consultants we recommended setting up a series of email templates and automated Sales Flows that would be triggered based on specific leadership behaviors and actions,

  • Sales Cloud is used to streamline lead nurturing and consolidate all customer interactions on one platform, enabling smarter sales conversations.
  • Implemented an E-mail automation system in Salesforce to improve the Lead nurturing process.
  • Created a series of welcome emails with company introductions, product offerings, and demo requests sent to new leads as entered into the system.
  • Created successive automated re-engagement emails with the product/solution offerings, after certain time periods from lead registration asking if they are still interested in the company’s offerings.
  • Based on customer response, implemented automation to identify Hot and Cold Leads for further sales teams’ actions.