GoHighLevel Insurance Transformation

Problem Statement

US based, a leading agency platform in the insurance sector, collaborates with over 30 carriers to sell a diverse range of products. The current business model involves recruiting agencies and agents, onboarding them through sureLC, obtaining necessary licenses, and facilitating product sales under the agency banner. The revenue generated is governed by a defined commission model.

However, challenges in managing onboarding, licensing, and commission tracking efficiently persist. Furthermore, the absence of a dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, like GHL, hinders effective lead management. To address these challenges, a comprehensive solution is proposed, incorporating GHL as a CRM for lead management. Additionally, there’s a need for a dedicated customized portal with a dashboard and widgets to monitor licensing information.

Solution Overview

To address the identified challenges and create a cohesive and streamlined operational ecosystem, the following integrated solution is proposed:

  • Unified Onboarding and Learning Platform:

Develop an advanced onboarding platform integrated with sureLC and GHL, facilitating a seamless transition from lead acquisition to onboarding.

Implement a Learning Management System (LMS) within the onboarding platform to provide learning tutorials and modules for continuous skill enhancement.

  • Licensing Management System:

Enhance the licensing management system to synchronize with GHL data, expediting the licensing process and ensuring real-time updates on the Laravel portal.

Include a licensing module that considers completion of learning modules as a criterion for obtaining licenses.

  • GHL CRM for Lead Management:

Utilize GHL as a dedicated CRM for efficient lead management, with integration into the Laravel portal for a comprehensive view of leads and their conversion status.

Leverage CRM data to identify trends in lead behavior influenced by educational content from the LMS.

  • Laravel Portal with Dashboard and Widgets:

Develop a Laravel portal with a user-friendly dashboard, widgets, and dedicated sections for learning tutorials, licensing information, and lead management.

Widgets should include visual representations of licensing, learning progress, lead conversion, and commission revenue, providing quick insights.

  • Assist Team Portal:

Integrate a section within the Laravel portal specifically for the assist team, providing tools and resources to efficiently address queries and offer support to agencies and agents.

  • SaaS-Based Application for Access Management:

Develop a SaaS-based application for secure and role-based access management, ensuring that users have access to relevant tools and functionalities.

  • User Training and Support:

Implement comprehensive training modules for agencies, agents, and assist team members on utilizing the extended features of the Laravel portal and associated systems.

Provide ongoing support to optimize user adoption and ensure a smooth transition to the enhanced platform.

Benefits Delivered:

The integrated solutions resulted in significant improvements across various facets of its operations. The organization experienced:

  • Streamlined onboarding processes, reducing manual efforts and improving accuracy.
  • Expedited licensing procedures, leading to quicker approvals and real-time updates on the status of licenses.
  • Enhanced lead management through the GHL CRM, providing valuable insights into lead behavior and improving conversion rates.
  • Improved transparency in commission calculations, thanks to the comprehensive dashboard and widgets in the Laravel portal.
  • Empowered assist teams with dedicated tools, contributing to quicker query resolutions and enhanced support.