Development, Consulting and Training

Main Highlights:

Consultancy faced problems in managing candidate’s details, documents, and interview status in an excel report, to manage the candidate’s data received from different vendors, we created a PHP form and mapped that with Bitrix24 CRM, it helps the Company to manage the candidates’ details, documents, and multiple interview status. 


A Consultancy was facing issues with managing details, documents, and interview status of candidates and needed solutions to manage the business and reduce the human effort, and clean and clear business-related reports. We provided Bitrix24 CRM solution with some customized PHP forms to manage the data, document, and interview status of each candidate, vendor, and company.

The Challenge:

Consultancy faced challenges in managing the data, documents, and interview status of candidates and needed a system that manages data, documents, and interview status in one location.

The Benefits:

The implementation of Bitrix24, including the customized PHP form for vendors, improved consultancy data, document, and interview management system, reduced human effort and made it easily accessible for managers and directors.

What Made It Happen:

As a Bitrix24 Gold Partner, we provided our expertise in all types of customization to help clients to increase sales and improve the data management system, the PHP form made it easy for vendors to update and upload the candidate’s details, and store information into Bitrix24. The consultancy was able to improve its business experience and reduce human effort.