Bitrix 24 Accounts and Gift Aid Managements

Problem Statement

An account and gift aid management company were facing difficulties in preparing client’s financial year reports, it was taking a lot of time for employees to prepare the excel report and was a little difficult to understand for clients as there were multiple tabs in the excel sheet. They also faced challenges with preparing a financial report for their clients and needed a solution to improve the quality of the report and minimize the employee’s efforts.

Solution Overview

To ease this report and make the presentation very clear, the Illustration dashboard (Customised PHP form) was implemented in Bitrix24 CRM, which provides a comprehensible report of the last few financial years in a single PDF with a graph. As a Bitrix24 Gold Partner, we provided our expertise in all types of customization to help clients to improve their business, the illustration dashboard ensured the accuracy of calculation, generated PDF report has a nice presentation with graphs and is easy to understand, which helps the company to present the financial report in standard level and multiply the sales.

Benefits Delivered

By using Bitrix24, the implementation of the illustration dashboard and multiple report generation in PDF format reduced the human effort and made the report comprehensible and easy for the client to understand. Also, employees have the option to generate multiple types of reports for internal use and with graphs for the sales team to increase sales. The PDF consists of the client’s last few financial year data and a graph which was very useful for the client and the company both and it helped a lot to increase the sales.

The business owner was able to automate their sales and marketing processes and save hours of manual work. They also saw a significant increase in their lead conversion rates and customer engagement. The custom funnel they created helped them provide a personalized experience to their customers and build long-lasting relationships.